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Cloud Connectiv is a collaboration between Global Fortune 100 I.T. executives, distinguish engineers, and infrastructure architects who have come together to build an infrastructure services and solutions company with a focus on Data Center , Cloud, and Infrastructure as a service. Our team have walked in your shoes, making difficult, tactical, and strategic decisions in order to deliver world class and innovative solutions to internal and external customers and business groups. Cloud Connectiv's detailed service catalog is very conducive to our team adding value to any organization, in any vertical, anywhere in the world. From Financial, to Government, to Pharmaceutical, to Travel, to Telecommunications, we offer custom services for every vertical.
Network infrastructure is the vehicle that transports your company's business globally allowing your talented staff and business units to collaborate and innovate. Network infrastructure managed and deployment services from Cloud Connectiv can provide the performance, scalability, and resiliency needed to support your ever-changing business requirements. We partner with Cisco , Arista, F5 , Citrix, Juniper, Aruba, Fortinet, and Riverbed to provide the most cost effective solution that meets and exceeds all of your technical and business requirements.
Data center
Your Data Center strategy is a critical component to the success of your business and business goals. We offer the full spectrum of data center solutions, from Colocation (move-in-ready to custom-built), to On-site at your HQ, or a hybrid with our without cloud integration. Our Data Center solutions deliver flexible, scalable, secure and cost-efficient data center strategy combined with exceptional service while supporting your vision for the future. Safeguard your mission critical IT services and data with one of our custom DC solutions.
Cloud Infrastructure provides a transformation road map to take your infrastructure from a basic model, requiring regular updates to a dynamic, utility based computing and cloud services that deliver a truly adaptive enterprise. Deploy servers and services with the push of a button. Reduce I.T. capex costs and delivery times for new services and applications. Whether you prefer Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and/or Oracle Cloud , our cloud subject matter experts can customize the right solution for your business needs and budget.
Managed Services
Now more than ever, you need to automate and optimize your network infrastructure management to accommodate new needs and technologies. Manged infrastructure services from Cloud Connectiv can provide 24/7/365 monitoring and management of your infrastructure to support your ever-changing business requirements. Delivered by highly skilled networking, security, DC, and cloud subject matter experts ,our services help you achieve optimal levels of network performance and availability for a predictable monthly cost.


Cloud Connectiv provides network, cloud, and data center infrastructure services and solutions to companies/institutions of all sizes, across the globe. We offer a detailed service catalog with solutions designed, implemented, and supported by in-house subject matter experts. Our founders have been on your side of the table, promised the world by services providers for solutions they have supposedly implemented hundreds of times only to find out your deployment was the first of its kind. We do not believe in our engineers learning on your time. When you engage with Cloud Connectiv, you are engaging with Subject Matter Experts in all facets of our service catalog.



  • Cisco BGP FlowSpec – Arbor Peakflow

  • Arbor DDOS Protection

  • Cisco Catalyst 6880


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Cloud Connectiv Launches project "Skynet", an artificial intellgience based platform that will add a new dimension to SDN

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 - By Tiffany Yang
Project Skynet will encompass a whole new dimension to software defined networking by leveraging artificial intelligence and automation on existing device Internetwork Operating Systems or Network Operating Systems instead of requiring commodity hardware with a full software overlay. Skynet can leverage existing infrastructure eliminating the need for major capex investments. SDN is a great concept that can add significant value to any enterprise however should not come with a requirement to rip and replace your entire infrastructure.

Cloud Connectiv's Q4 2018 customer outing with be Saturday December 25th 2018.

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 - By Tiffany Yang
Once a quarter, the Cloud Connectiv team will host customers outings. There a no solutions; pitches, slides, videos, or presentations during these outings. You most likely see more than enough slides during the work week and we do not want to bore you with any more (even though our solutions material is awesome) when you're not in the office. The focus of these outings are 1) Thank you for our customers 2) Communicate in non-stressful environment 3) Just enjoy yourself and have a good time. Please contact your account executive for registration info.


We know you have a lot of a lot of business requirements....Lets Talk!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 - By Tiffany Yang
Schedule a meeting with an account executive and one of our subject matter experts. We are anxious to help you choose the best solution for your complex business requirements.